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As a leading exporter of Australian agricultural commodities, Glencore Agriculture shares strong relationships with growers, while providing one of the world's leading marketing and logistics networks.

Glencore Agriculture is one of the largest buyers of wheat, barley, oilseeds, pulses, sorghum and cotton direct from
Australian growers.

What we do

  • We have accumulation offices in all the key growing regions of Australia; Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

  • Efficient movement of commodities from storage to port or domestic end-users is critical to supply customers with their products in a timely manner. Our management of logistics services allows us to continue to manage the quality and specifications to meet cargo requirements.

  • We can provide bulk or containerised products for international buyers. Our owned and managed packing and processing facilities focus on container shipments which pack a range of niche and high value commodities. Our global shipping fleet allows us to deliver bulk products to our customers efficiently and on time.

  • Through our global origination network and supply chains across all principal import and export markets, we are able to offer customers a range of commodities, varieties, specifications and volumes to suit their individual requirements.


Dry conditions see farmers looking for stock feed

1 August 2018

Glencore Agriculture has been helping local farmers and small end-users source much-needed livestock feed as dry conditions take hold in South Australia. (more…)

New global marketing offices

21 June 2018

Glencore Agriculture has increased its presence in Africa and South East Asia in response to strong economic growth and the subsequent increase in demand for commodities in these regions. (more…)

Japanese barley customers visit South Australia

26 March 2018

Grain growers across South Australia are taking the opportunity to meet end-use customers from Japan this week in a unique tour organised by Glencore Agriculture. (more…)

Silo art boosts rural communities

22 March 2018

Street art is heading skywards as grain silos across the country are turning into canvases for giant community murals. (more…)

Graduate program a powerful opportunity

22 March 2018

Every year Glencore Agriculture accepts a small number of university graduates into its Graduate Program – an exciting 18 month opportunity to work in different areas of the business including logistics, shipping, finance, grower accumulation and trade services. (more…)

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