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Graduate program a powerful opportunity

22 March 2018

Every year Glencore Agriculture accepts a small number of university graduates into its Graduate Program – an exciting 18 month opportunity to work in different areas of the business including logistics, shipping, finance, grower accumulation and trade services.

Rachael Walker, Glencore Agriculture’s HR Manager, said the program aimed to prepare the graduates for a potential permanent role in the company.

“Our graduates get to work in real roles so that they can gain practical experience to set them up for future career opportunities,” Rachael said.

“We take a smaller number of quality graduates to ensure we provide them with the right level of support and allow them to participate fully as a member of the team.

“They are exposed to a variety of areas so they can see what interests them, while learning from experts in the industry.”

Logistics specialist
Jack Webster joined Glencore Agriculture as a graduate in 2015, based in Melbourne. He then moved to New Zealand with the company in 2016 and has since moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, to take up a position in Glencore’s coal division.

“I spent a lot of time in different departments within the Melbourne and the Auckland offices and it was a great opportunity to learn about different areas of the business,” Jack said of his time in the Graduate Program.

“The best part was to be given responsibility rather than just observing.

“I enjoyed all areas, obviously some more than others, but it’s important to understand as many parts of the supply chain as possible.”

Jack had studied Maritime Logistics Management at university, which led to a focus on logistics, shipping and container roles within the business. His new role in Jakarta is as Logistics Position Manager.

“When you join a business and they say ‘work hard’, you never know how accurate that is or what opportunities will be available,” Jack said.

“But with Glencore it’s everything and more.”

Cotton exporter

Likewise, fellow 2015 starter Patrick Gillett has now progressed to his current role looking after Glencore Agriculture’s cotton logistics and exports in Australia. The International Business graduate was also recently seconded to the company’s global office in Rotterdam.

“After completing the Australian cotton season in October, I was asked to join the cotton trading team in Rotterdam,” Patrick said.

“Here I’ve been working closely with the team and learning about Glencore’s global strategy. Most recently I’ve been looking after West African exports which is an extremely interesting area, and one that’s very different to my previous role managing Australian exports.”

Patrick recommended the Graduate Program as a great way to gain exposure to a variety of roles.

“Once accepted, I’d encourage graduates to ask a lot of questions and take a look at the big picture to understand Glencore Agriculture as a whole and how each person’s job, including graduates, plays a part in the company’s overall success.”

Supply chain graduate
Claudia Kirby started the Graduate Program last year after completing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Agricultural Science and Geography. 

“I grew up on a farm and worked as a grain sampler during the summer which gave me hands on experience in the grain industry,” Claudia said.

“I was attracted to Glencore Agriculture’s Graduate Program because I wanted to learn about other aspects of the agricultural industry. I have started off in logistics, in particular SA and WA domestics, which has been a good introduction into the next stage of the supply chain once it leaves the farm gate.

“I am enjoying the work and look forward to learning much more.”

Applications for the Graduate Program open in June/July each year.
Visit for more information.