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Japanese barley customers visit South Australia

26 March 2018

Grain growers across South Australia are taking the opportunity to meet end-use customers from Japan this week in a unique tour organised by Glencore Agriculture.

Representatives from Japan’s largest Shochu (a distilled spirit) producer ‘Sanwa’ are visiting the Eyre Peninsula, Clare Valley and Strathalbyn to speak directly with more than 120 growers and offer tastings of their products.

They will also visit Viterra’s Adelaide port terminals, an upcountry site and laboratory to see the value provided through the Viterra supply chain.

Jonathon Evans, Glencore Agriculture’s Barley Trader, said Sanwa had been sourcing South Australian barley as the main ingredient in its Shochu for the past 20 years.

“This will be a unique opportunity for growers to hear directly from an international end-user who has been a long-time buyer of South Australian barley through the Viterra supply chain,” Jonathon said.

“Sanwa will explain why high standards of quality are so important and discuss with growers the barley varieties in demand.”

Jonathan said end-users valued grain from South Australia due to its clean green environment and world class facilities offered by Viterra.

“In a global marketplace, South Australia is competing with all other states in Australia and countries around the world to sell grain.

“End-users are increasingly looking for high standards of quality control and food safety management delivered through an efficient and reliable supply chain.

“Having these elements in place through Viterra helps us encourage end-users to source their grain from South Australia to the benefit of South Australian growers.”

Glencore Agriculture/Sanwa meetings:
CLEVE: Monday 26 March at 12pm
CUMMINS: Monday 26 March at 5.30pm
SEVENHILL: Tuesday 27 March at 6pm
STRATHALBYN: Wednesday 28 March at 12pm