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New global marketing offices

21 June 2018

Glencore Agriculture has increased its presence in Africa and South East Asia in response to strong economic growth and the subsequent increase in demand for commodities in these regions.

Three new marketing offices have been established in Cairo, Egypt; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam over the past 18 months to bring the number of Glencore Agriculture offices globally to 33.

The expansion will help create more opportunities for export countries like Australia.

Egypt is a very large importer of wheat, corn and pulses, which brings significant opportunities for Australian grain exports.

However the Egyptian market also has its challenges due to economic and political instabilities, counter party risks and unpredictable US dollar availability, meaning a local presence will be beneficial for Glencore Agriculture to better respond to local developments.

The sub-Saharan area in South Africa is undergoing huge economic growth which will lead to an increase in consumption and demand for wheat.

Having a local team in South Africa allows Glencore Agriculture to better participate in the different regional opportunities available there.

Likewise Vietnam’s growing population provides significant import opportunities. Vietnam has solid GDP growth and a population of over 90 million people, with increasing urbanisation and changing diets.

Glencore Agriculture’s Singapore office also recently appointed Andrew Vroland as its new Regional Marketing Manager. Andrew is a former Australian trader and has sound knowledge of the Australian supply chain, positioning us well for opportunities arising out of Asia.