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Dry conditions see farmers looking for stock feed

1 August 2018

Glencore Agriculture has been helping local farmers and small end-users source much-needed livestock feed as dry conditions take hold in South Australia.

Glencore Agriculture’s domestic contracts to farmers and end-users have doubled each month since April.

Nearly 90 per cent of the sales have been to farmers, and the rest to feedmills, feedlots, dairies and piggeries.

Of the sales to farmers, about half have been on the Eyre Peninsula and the rest have been spread out across the State.

Glencore Agriculture is working closely with its marketing and logistics teams, as well as Viterra’s domestic outturns and operations groups, to ensure it can continue to service these customers.

Viterra has been providing marketers and growers access to grain stocks in key locations affected by the dry, to help meet feed demand.

The ongoing dry conditions appear to be taking its toll. With July failing to get much rain, it is the seventh straight month that rainfall in most regions of South Australia has been below average.

For any growers looking to buy spot loads of grain, please contact a member of Glencore Agriculture’s Accumulation team on 1300 453 626.