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Glencore Agriculture joins new simplified process for canola growers

3 October 2019

Glencore Agriculture has joined with five of Australia’s other major canola buyers, ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Centre State and GrainCorp, to create a streamlined and simplified process for growers selling their canola to European markets for biofuel.

A European Union Renewable Energy Directive established in 2010 requires all biofuels including canola to be from a sustainable source. Glencore Agriculture holds an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) in order to export canola to European markets.

The new process, Sustainable Grain Australia, has integrated the existing ISCC grower sustainability declaration with the National Grower Register (NGR) system to simplify the sustainability certification process for growers.

Growers are now only required to make their sustainability declaration once each financial year which is retained by NGR and is quick and easy to complete online or over the phone. When a grower decides to sell to one of the six companies involved, the declaration will be available to the company within the myNGR system.

All growers wishing to sell canola to Glencore Agriculture or one of the other buyers, will be required to complete an ISCC declaration with NGR.

The new process which has been developed over the last two years will make it easier for growers to do business with the companies involved. It is more efficient and requires less paperwork for growers to complete and the potential for only one audit.

Prior to the new system, growers were required to complete a separate declaration form and be subject to onfarm audits for each buyer they would sell to.

For any questions about selling your canola to Glencore Agriculture, growers can contact 1300 453 626.

To complete an ISCC declaration, visit and logon to myNGR to complete it online or call NGR on 1800 556 630.