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Glencore Agriculture donates to regional clubs

4 June 2020

Glencore Agriculture recently donated $140,000 to regional clubs and groups across Australia through its 20 cent per tonne sponsorship programme for the 2019/20 harvest season.

Growers mention their registered club or group as part of Glencore Agriculture’s donation programme when they sell or contract grain to Glencore Agriculture and the company donates 20 cents per tonne to the group.

The programme, which has been running since 2011, has around 140 clubs Australia-wide.

The selected groups consist of:
• sporting clubs including football, netball, tennis, bowling, equestrian and hockey,
• groups such as town progress associations, resource centres and recreational hobby groups,
• and services and volunteer groups including the Royal Flying Doctor Service and St John’s Ambulance.

Each year, Glencore Agriculture donates thousands of dollars through the sponsorship programme and over the course of the nine years it has been running, the business has donated over $1 million.

Agriculture and the grains industry are a big part of these communities and the sponsorship programme is a great way for the business to further contribute towards regional communities.

Glencore Agriculture is pleased to support and be involved in the regional communities where it operates, through sponsorship of various grower groups, industry events and conferences in addition to the donation programme.