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Glencore Agriculture supplies both domestic and international customers with a range of commodities, varieties, specifications and volumes to suit their individual needs.

Through our global origination network and supply chains across all principal import and export markets, we are able to offer customers with commodities from growers in Australia and across the world, either in bulk shipments or containerised product.

Our owned and managed packing and processing facilities focus on container shipments which pack a range of niche and high value commodities, providing various containerised export options including bulk and bagged, machine dressed and blended.

Glencore Agriculture’s management of the supply chain from origination to the end-use customer ensures all products delivered meet the customer’s specific requirements and are consistent, reliable and of high quality.

Food safety and quality

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Glencore Agriculture undertakes comprehensive food safety and quality management procedures to ensure all its food and feed products meet the highest Australian and international standards as well as end-user quality requirements.

Our management of the full supply chain ensures all products delivered to end-use customers meet their specific requirements and are consistent, reliable and high quality.

Our facilities, and those we source from, maintain a high level of quality control and food and feed safety management with best practices applied throughout operations and activities. This can include:

  • International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC)
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Management
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Green Food Certification (China) for Australian Malting Barley
  • National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) accreditation
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Glencore Agriculture has accredited laboratories in several strategic locations to undertake all required testing as part of our food safety and quality management process. At point of export all grain is checked through a quality classification process to ensure it meets each customer’s individual requirements and is tested by accredited authorities to ensure shipments meet the importing country’s standards.

How we add value


We have direct relationships with growers in the key growing regions. This gives us a good understanding of production that starts at the farm level. We primarily buy direct from growers, out of all recognised bulk storage systems across Australia. This ensures the consistent quality, from the farm right through to the customer.


We have access to strategically located storage assets in all the growing regions of Australia. These assets provide us with grain assembly and quality control services to ensure we meet our customers’ specific requirements.


How we add value

Logistics services

Our logistics team organises efficient and cost effective movement of commodities from both farm and bulk storage to port, container packing sites and domestic end users. Our management of logistics services allows us to control quality to meet the requirements of both domestic and international customers. Our commercial partnerships through all port zones in Australia allow our grain to be moved to port by both rail and trucks, ensuring we supply products in a timely manner.

Process and refine

Our global processing facilities are strategically located in both origin and destination markets. We can source product direct from global Glencore Agriculture’s seventeen oilseed crushing plants, twelve processing mills, six biodiesel facilities and one sugarcane milling facility. These facilities produce crude oil, refined oil, biodiesel, glycerine, refined sugar and feed meals which can be imported into Australia or countries around the world.

Port terminals

We utilise strategically located high-quality port terminal facilities in all the key growing regions in Australia. All products are quality tested by accredited authorities at the point of export to ensure shipments meet each customers’ individual specifications, and the requirements of both the importing country and Australian government’s ‘Export Control Act 1982’.


Our global shipping fleet allows us to deliver bulk products to our customers efficiently and on time. We consistently have more than 110 vessels under time charter and on average 70 vessels on voyage charter, giving us flexibility in origination, volumes and delivery.

Our owned and managed packing and processing facilities focus on container shipments which pack a range of niche and high value commodities, providing various containerised export options including bulk and bagged, machine dressed and blended.


Our experience in global commodity marketing, together with our network of offices and operations in both Australia and more than 34 countries, provides us with insight and knowledge across all principal import and export markets.


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Glencore Agriculture originates wheat and durum from all major production regions in Australia. With our origination strength, in many regions we source wheat directly from growers. We accumulate shipments to meet our customers’ exact quality specifications. We are one of the largest suppliers of wheat globally, with the ability to consistently supply milling, durum, noodle and feed wheats in both bulk and containers.

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We are able to offer direct access to barley supplies in all major production regions. In addition, our extensive experience in bulk handling, most often through our own facilities, and direct management of logistics and quality control enable us to consistently deliver barley tailored to suit a range of customers in diversified markets. We participate in malting barley and feed barley and are a major supplier to the malting and brewing market in China and across the Asian region.

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Glencore Agriculture is one of the largest direct originators and handlers of pulses globally. We offer multiple products, varieties and quality specifications across all commodities including dry field peas, chickpeas, lentils, edible beans and lupins. We are a significant exporter and are regular suppliers of bulk shipments and containerised product to customers in key destinations in the Indian subcontinent, China, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

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With accumulation offices across the east coast of Australia and marketing teams throughout south east Asia, Glencore Agriculture is well positioned as an exporter of red sorghum from Australia to customers importing sorghum for feed, industrial and food products. As well as being export focused, our strong relationships with end users in Australia means we also service the local feed and ethanol industries.

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Glencore Agriculture is a significant supplier of canola to markets around the world. We supply products to every global destination for a range of customers in the industrial, biodiesel and food industries. We are a major supplier of sustainable canola and high oleic canola. Our global reach and knowledge of the processing sector allows us to understand the specific needs of our customers.

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Glencore Agriculture’s team on the east coast of Australia have direct access to growers of cotton. Glencore Agriculture has a specific emphasis on supply chain and quality management, to ensure we service the individual needs of customers and consumers worldwide.

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Protein meals

We are the largest importer of protein meals into Australia and supply product to a range of feed manufacturers and customers. The import program utilises the full spectrum of the Glencore business. Protein meals are sourced direct from our crush plants around the world and, by utilising our own global logistics network, provide customers with timely, consistent and efficient supply of product. Through our presence in Argentina, Glencore Agriculture is one of the largest suppliers of soybean meal to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South East Asia. We buy soybeans direct from growers and operate Argentina’s largest crush plant.