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Glencore Agriculture is one of the largest buyers of wheat, barley, oilseeds, pulses, sorghum and cotton direct from Australian growers.

As a leading exporter of Australian agricultural commodities, Glencore Agriculture shares strong relationships with growers, while providing one of the world’s leading marketing and logistics networks.

Flexible contract terms

We offer flexible contract terms such as pricing, payment options and delivery periods. Talk to us about what you are looking for and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

We can offer you a range of marketing options. These include cash at major bulk handling sites, spot contracts, ex-warehouse and forward contracts for current and future season grain.

For more information about forward contracts, cash prices, barley and wheat contracts see our fact sheets in the Resources section.

Payment security and competitive prices

We are part of the global Glencore Agriculture business, a leader in the origination, handling, processing and marketing of agricultural commodities.

This means we have the financial strength to give you payment security.

Our worldwide marketing and logistics network provides us with unrivalled access to markets so we can offer you competitive pricing for your grain.

Payment options

We understand that growers have different cash flow needs throughout the year.

As standard we provide competitive 5 day end of week payment terms*. We can also accommodate other payment options to suit your needs including deferred payment.

Simply call our team on 1300 453 626 to speak to your local representative. They will work with you to provide options to best suit your requirements.

*Grain transferred with an approved bulk handler.

Selling your grain?
Call 1300 453 626 to speak to your local team member

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Sustainable canola

If you wish to sell your canola to Glencore Agriculture it is a requirement that you are a sustainable supplier of canola and sign a self-declaration regarding the sustainable production of canola on your farm.

In late 2010 a European Union Renewable Energy Directive was established and as part of this there is a requirement that all biofuels, including canola, are from a sustainable source. The Australian canola export supply chain implemented a sustainability certification scheme to avoid possible trade restrictions when exporting canola to European Markets.

Glencore Agriculture currently holds an ISCC Certificate (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) in order to export canola to European markets.

In order to be considered a sustainable supplier of canola your farm needs to comply with the following 6 principles:

  • Crop shall not be produced on land with high biodiversity value or high carbon stock and not from peat land
  • Crop shall be produced in an environmentally responsible way
  • Safe working conditions shall be implemented
  • Crop production shall not violate human labour rights or land rights
  • Crop production shall take place in compliance with all applicable regional and national laws and shall follow relevant international treaties
  • Good management practices shall be implemented

If you would like more information about being a sustainable supplier of canola contact us on
1300 453 626.